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Meet Patricia.

Your CampMom Host.

Patricia Ribeiro Wolfson, Mindset Maven, Communication Expert and the creator of Camp Mom, teaches women to excel in life and business by helping them break through resistance while learning to communicate effectively.

As a motivational speaker and former TV personality, Patricia uses her expertise to guide women to become aligned in their business while building a strong foundation with their family.

With three wonderful boys, a supportive husband, and a thriving coaching business, Patricia understands the importance of balance and self-care.

She also recognizes that Mothers can often feel underappreciated and isolated.

That sense of isolation is what inspired Patricia to found Camp Mom.

Borne from a desire to create something just for Moms to come together, the idea for Camp Mom was more than just a day of fun.

It’s meant to be a catalyst for support and encouragement, fostering sisterhood and friendships between Moms from all walks of life.

Because, as Patricia says, Motherhood isn’t “one size fits all.” But we do have a common thread: we are all trying to raise happy, healthy families, maintain our homes, nurture our relationships, and figure out where we fit in the paradigm of Motherhood.


Luckily, we don’t have to do it alone.
We can do it together…one day at a time.

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