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Past participants share their experience on Camp Mom.

I want to start off by saying thank you!!!! I went to mom day at camp and enjoyed it so much!! I had a few hours to myself to try new things and hang out with my sister…and have some fun for the day. You did an unbelievable job planning and setting up and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication! the workshops were great and I tried the trapeze, zip line and the swing…sooo much fun! So again, thank you for being you and caring that i and the rest of the moms had fun and felt special for a day! You’re the best!

Stephanie Cohen-Gay

Thank you Jump Start for Change for the amazing Camp Mom day! What I lacked in core strength I made up for in laughing at myself.

Stacey Gish Wallenstein

Mint Chip Mama Blogger + Mom of 3

Thank you for an amazing, inspirational day! I will carry this with me for a long time. I haven’t stopped talking about it since I got home!

Wendy Badash

Thank you Patricia Wolfson for planning such an amazing Camp Mom! I had such a great time rediscovering the kid in me while leaving with such great new parenting and “me” tips!

Gayle Zweback

Mom of 2

Trish, I have to thank you again for an awesome day at Camp Mom last Saturday. It was so much fun and great to meet so many awesome women, but more than that, I walked out of there with THE most useful tool: 1 minute of meditation. It sounds insane that just 1 minute could make such a difference, but it really does…I am always trying to cram in a few minutes of work time between kid activities and after they go to sleep, and one of my big problems has been that I have a hard time winding down and focusing. I end up losing so much time because I need to wind down and decompress before I get started; my brain has been like a runaway train lately. Well, that all changed this week. Now, I’ll plop myself down in front of my computer, take that 1 minute, focus and then do what needs doing. It’s amazing how much it’s changed my productivity level in such a short period of time. So, again, a huge THANK YOU to you and Lindsey!!!

Dawn McCarthy

Momsanity Blog

I just want to tell you what a fabulous day I had!  I’m so glad that Karen Heitner told me about the program.  I chickened out on the zip line but I was ok with that because I still made it up to ledge and they hooked me up to the zip line but I just couldn’t jump. I went further than I expected considering that I’m terrified of heights. I used the zip line “failure” as a motivating factor to try the trapeze – and I was able to fly on the trapeze!!!  I can’t stop thinking about it and now I’m reminded that I have a lot of inner strength that I can call on.
Thank you again – I love your energy and your zest for life, it’s contagious!
Susan Dembo

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