Jump Start for Change, in partnership with
Driftwood Day Camp, presents

Camp Mom on July 29, 2017.

No Kids. No Husbands. Just Moms.

Camp Mom is back for its 2nd annual one-day retreat just for Moms.

“Helping Moms put their happiness back at the top of their to-do list.”

Camp Mom offers exciting camp activities, interactive exercises, and enriching mom-centered workshops that focus on parenting, mindfulness, stress relief, and communication.

All of this and more packed into a fun-filled day with adventures, special treats, great music, delicious food, and an awesome swag bag filled with goodies to take home.

About Camp mom

As a Mom, doesn’t that sound amazing?

Of course it does!

With Camp Mom, you get a full day dedicated just to you. You’ll reignite your creative spark, learn to balance your needs with your family’s, and find ways to reduce the stress of Motherhood.

Because a stress-free Mama is a Happy Mama!

Are you a Mom who wants to put her own happiness back at the top of your to-do list?

Then join us for Camp Mom’s 2nd annual event!

Camp Mom is the brainchild of Patricia Ribeiro Wolfson. After recognizing the loneliness and isolation Motherhood can often bring, Patricia was inspired. With her own kids attending Driftwood Day Camp, Patricia saw an opportunity for Moms to come together to have a fun-filled day with enriching activities and real bonding experiences with other Mothers who get it. Patricia understood firsthand that Moms sometimes forget to seek their own adventures. But what if, just for one day, Moms could go to camp just like their kids? What if they could have fun, create a sense of sisterhood with other Moms, and finally put themselves back at the top of the priority list?

No Kids.

No husbands.

Just Moms.